Northwoods Inclusion

Northwoods Inclusion means that every individual feels safe, welcome, and included in our Northwoods' communities. Starlight Centers for Inclusion is proud to inspire, teach, and challenge our Northwoods to become more aware of, educated about, and accepting of autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities. Let's embrace our individual abilities!


Starlight  Centers for Inclusion will work with local businesses to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to encourage participation from families affected from autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities. 

Starlight can help your business modify programs for diverse learners, adjust sensory input throughout the environment, and educate your employees to successfully interact with patrons with extra needs. 

If your business is interested in learning how to increase your inclusivity,

please contact Starlight today.



Starlight will also collaborate with local organizations to create inclusive sensory-friendly events!

This may include training staff, providing support tools for participants, getting the word out, and/or recommendations for appropriate modifications to the environment or program.

If your organization is interested in hosting an inclusive sensory-friendly event, please contact Starlight today.