Focused ABA Treatment

Focused Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Treatment is appropriate for targeting a select number of key functional skills, or for targeting severe problem behavior prioritized as needing intervention immediately. 

Goals of Focused ABA may include increasing socially appropriate behavior (e.g. involvement with family activities, tolerating environmental change, safety skills, participation in community events, self-care, social communicative skills) or reducing problem behavior (e.g. aggression, destruction, self-injury, stereotypic or vocal behavior).

Focused ABA programs typically involve 10-25 hours of treatment per week. Programs combine several evidence-based teaching strategies, selected to suit your child and family.

Comprehensive ABA Treatment

Comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Treatment focuses on multiple areas of your child's development (e.g. social, emotional, communicative, cognitive, adaptive functioning). Your child's personally designed program will include goals for improving impairments in social interactions and communication, as well as decreasing maladaptive behaviors (e.g. tantrums, noncompliance, stereotypy). A combination of evidence-based teaching strategies, selected to suit your child and family, will be included in the program.

Treatment often involves structured 1:1 sessions, but also naturalistic teaching strategies which sometimes occur within a group. Community integration to generalize learned skills will occur as appropriate. Caregiver participation is an important part of this treatment model and includes education, coaching, and team meetings.


Comprehensive ABA programs typically involve 30-45 hours of treatment per week.

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Starlight Behavioral Treatment is guided by the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which is recognized as an empirically supported treatment for characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder and behavioral deficits. 


Programs are specially designed for each child and family, as appropriate. This means that programs vary in the number of treatment hours, treatment strategies used, number of program goals, and types of behavioral targets. At Starlight, it is our intention to always have a good mix of fun and challenge within our programs.

If you are interested in enrolling, please contact us to set up an initial intake meeting.

ABA Treatment