Starlight Centers of Inclusion uses a parent training curriculum designed to teach you strategies to improve your child's adaptive behavior and decrease disruptive behavior. 


You will learn ways to prevent disruptive behaviors and promote safe socially appropriate replacement behaviors.

The program includes 11 training sessions with topics such as:

  • Behavioral Principles

  • Preventive Strategies

  • Reinforcement

  • Functional Communication Training

  • Extinction

  • Guided Compliance

  • Schedules

  • Teaching Strategies

  • Generalization

  • Maintenance


Supplemental sessions include:

  • Token Economy Systems

  • Sleep Problems

  • Feeding Problems

  • Toilet Training

  • Crisis Management

*These sessions are optional and are offered following the conclusion of the initial course.


If you would like more info on the caregiver training series, please contact Starlight!

Caregiver Training