Thank you for your interest in Starlight Centers for Inclusion, Inc.


At Starlight, we are committed to providing exceptional services and high quality caring support to families touched by autism spectrum and related disorders. Compassionate professionals work with families to identify their child's interests. The entire team then collaborates to help develop those interests into skills and talents. Those strengths are then used to improve upon weaknesses or impairments within other developmental domains, and to increase engagement with activities that the individual does not typically find desirable. By using an individual's interests and abilities, as well as scientifically validated teaching techniques, we can hope for success. Success means the individual feels encouraged, capable, and proud.

I believe that each individual in our Northwoods is capable of discovering unique talents that may be utilized to strengthen our community. This means developing skills to teach others, a desire to learn from others, the confidence to collaborate with others, and pride in being an important part of our Northwoods.

To feel welcome. To feel safe. To feel accepted and appreciated. To be included. Starlight promotes a community where all of our Northwoods families, especially those touched with autism spectrum and related disorders, are encouraged to make a positive social impact in our area.

I believe that every individual can shine and be a star when (s)he discovers talent and strength. An individual can be a star athlete, performer, technician, writer, creator, entrepreneur, leader, follower, developer, or one of any other socially important roles in our community. There is a world full of potential skill sets that your child may excel at, and discovering that platform is how I believe your child will shine the brightest!

It is my intention to inspire as many of our capable rising stars to shine as bright as possible amongst our wonderful Northwoods. We are all responsible for creating our best community possible. Diverse community members integrated throughout our Northwoods is what Starlight is about.

Inclusively Yours,

April Welch, Founder and BCBA